PROBAR In the House

by Matt Moravec

Progression Cycle is really excited to tell you guys about this company PROBAR and that we are carrying their products at the store. These products are everything that Liz and I look for in terms of actual nutrition for ourselves and our family on a day-to-day basis. To start with all of their products are organic,verified non-GMO, and also now gluten free. They have a full line of plant-based products including any-time bars, whole meal replacement bars, spreadable nut butters, energy chews, energy bars, and protein bars packing a whopping 20G of protein with their plant-based products.

But what we find so compelling about this company is that they are not just in it for the profits. Yes, while every business is looking to make a profit, but this company is looking to do so much more. Their core values include treating business like you treat family, letting your actions define you, taking big steps with a small footprint, believing in good karma, and loving what you do. Based in Utah Jeff and Jules are at the helm of a badass company looking to continue to provide delicious, convenient, healthy, plant-based food products by providing real food choices while maintaining a commitment to quality, sustainability, all while tasting good.

Come stop by the shop and check out these affordable and delicious products - just ask me about them - I've DEFINITELY tried them all!

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