Retail Store Expansion for Progression Cycle

by Matt Moravec

When Liz and I started Progression Cycle back in 2013, our vision for this endeavor was based on a few key principles. I LOVE(D) cycling - everything about it. As a family, we needed to make a change and saw a need in the Sammamish and cycling community that we could serve. We hoped to spread passion and be an advocate for cycling and connect with like minded clients and organizations. By attempting to set ourselves apart by offering a stellar mechanic with 1-1 personal relationship to be developed with our clients in an intimate home based setting. Our focus was progression. Continued gradual evolution, which was already applied to our personal lives, and we had a vision to apply it to an organization that could actually try and make an impact to inspire and empower others to progress as well.

We hoped and dreamed that our vision would be understood and received in the community and because of our amazing clients (many that we have now come to know as friends) and the welcoming from the community, we are excited to announce that we are expanding to phase 2 with an actual retail space in the Klahanie Center slated for opening in late July 2016.

As we previously announced, big changes were coming. We have partnered with Luke and Rachel, taken on two additional employees, and are now authorized dealers for several new brands. We spent the first part of 2016 working with 161designs to create this amazing website with integrated scheduling options that enables our clients to make an appointment with a Progression Cycle mechanic with just a few taps on their phone.

In the new shop we aim to provide the same professional and reliable service you have come to know from me at Progression Cycle with the added benefits of additional partnerships with passionate and courteous staff. At our new location, we will have a full retail store with helmets, clothing, kids bikes and accessories and of course access to the full bike lines from Giant, Liv, Evil, Yeti, and Stanton. In addition to the ability to make your appointments for service on your own terms, we encourage you to hang out and enjoy a craft beer or cider at our Service Bar while you wait for your bike to be serviced. Chat with the friendly Progression Cycle staff about the latest products, bikes, clothing, trails or community events.

For fun, I thought it would be great to see some of the first pictures we ever took from our garage and the first phase of Progression Cycle. A little trip down memory lane, if you will. Photos of the new shop and space as it evolves will be coming soon in future blog posts and newsletters.

Thank you all for your continued support of Progression Cycle, and we look forward to being able to expand our services to serve the cycling and Sammamish community more broadly very soon.

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