AS OF 03-24-20


Last evening the Governor of the State of WA issued a Stay At Home, Stay Healthy order for the entire state. While bicycle repair facilities fall into the essential business category, we still feel strongly that we need to act now to help do our part to help flatten the curve. 

Thus today, we are implementing another change to our daily operations to protect our employees and help support the community so we can put this time behind us. Our shop will continue to operate with normal hours, and with enhanced protocols to limit the person to person interaction at any level. 

Please see below on how to continue to support this LBS, and we thank you for your understanding and patronage.

Matt & The Progression Cycle Team

Headed to the Store?

Great, here is what to expect when you get here. 

We are shifting to no longer allow customers in the store for everyone's safety.  When you come to our store during open hours, you will find it locked.

When you arrive, please knock or call us at 425-698-3360 to discuss your needs and work with you to have them fulfilled as quickly as possible.

Payments: we will be taking payments over the phone and have ceased accepting cash at the moment until normal operations can continue.

Service and Repairs:

We will be meeting customers outside the front door once they arrive and knock or call into the shop. We will complete a full wipe down of the bike, bring inside, and complete an assessment based on the customer’s concerns fielded outside. Customers are no longer coming into the store. We will then email you a quote, and then follow up with a phone call to discuss any questions you may have on the recommended work.

Alternatively, customers can also book an appointment ahead of time which will show how far out we are booking appointments and allows the customer to get their bike into the queue without actually having to physically bring it to the store until we can work on it. 

Parts & Soft Goods Items:

Please utilize our website to view items that can be purchased and picked up in-store. 

On orders over $50, we will happily deliver to you free of charge within a 10 mile radius.

However, if you must come to the store to pick it up please call in advance to submit your payment. 

Once you get to the store, please knock or call us at 425-698-3360 when you arrive at the front door and we will bring the items out to you.

Stay Home, Stay Healthy, and Ride Safely...

Our team is hyper-focused on pushing through this extraordinary time. Our usual go to "therapy" includes getting out and shredding on our bikes, and believe me, there is nothing that makes these three people happier than being on their bikes.  

But real talk here...we have a responsibility as humans and riders, and thus, we are pledging to do our part by making sure we are riding responsibly. By doing our part, this includes not going out to ride in large groups, overcrowding a trailhead, or disrespecting our trail builders by riding trails that are not ready to be ridden.

Additionally, this includes dialing it back for a little while to ensure that we don't accidentally injure ourselves and end up putting more strain on the doctors, nurses, and 1st responders that are already risking their lives for the public each day.

Please join us in this endeavor to act responsibly and think about how your actions may impact others.  We are going to get through this, but it is going to take all of us doing our part. Take care of yourselves, each other, and we can't wait to see you on the other side of this.