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Dear Progression Community:

It’s been a while since we’ve penned a large announcement like this, and believe me this comes with a whole flurry of emotions for me.

It is time to announce that my family and I are about to embark on the next chapter and likely one of the biggest life changing decisions we will ever make. Progression Cycle will be closing our stores permanently at the end of September.  My family and I have been granted an amazing opportunity to move to a beautiful mountain town in Northern Idaho.

There are a lot of words and emotions that come to the surface when I reflect on the last ten years. Firstly, I am immensely grateful for the amazing community we have built. It has truly been the most enjoyable way to spend almost a decade of my life making connections with our customers and we hope positively impacting peoples lives by sharing my passion for biking with them.

Secondly, I am so proud of what my wife and I have been able to accomplish building our business from the ground up while also starting our family and raising young children. It has truly been the most gratifying experience and our success was only possible with the amazing support we received with our customers. Even the customers who gave me a chance when I was just starting out in our garage.

Thirdly, I am feeling optimistic about the future of cycling here in WA and what the rest of the community will continue to be able to accomplish together. But the key to this success is and always has been coming together as one. I implore you to give back your time to continue to make this place THE PNW riding destination we all know it is.

Thank you again for the support over the last 9 years. It is a journey my family and I will never forget and truly something that made me a stronger and better person.



What does this mean for the Klahanie store, is that going away?

Good question, it means that we now have additional staff and another location to complement our existing shop in Klahanie. Our suspension center will remain at the Klahanie store, however, units can still be dropped off and picked up at the North Bend Store.

Are your store hours going to be the same?

No, they actually won't be, they will be slightly different.  The hours for both stores listed on our updated Contact Us page, our Google Business Listings, our Yelp Pages, and our Facebook business pages. 

When will new shop be open?

We have a date! Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 12pm. Due to COVID-19 we will continue to follow the same procedures and sanitation practices at our Klahanie store. For more information on this, please visit our COVID-19 page which is updated when changes occur.

* This was updated from 07/08/20, and then 07/15/20 due to shipping dates getting pushed out for some critical components for our service area. 

Where is the new store located?

Our new address is 201 W. North Bend Way, Ste 130, North Bend, WA 98045. Directly across from Birches and Pioneer Coffee Company in the Sunset Garage. 

Sweet, I am stoked - when are we going to party?

We are glad you asked! A grand opening party is in the works, and we will announce it in a future email to our subscribers and on our official Facebook page. So head over to the official Progression Cycle - North Bend Facebook page and follow us or sign up here to ensure you are the 1st to know what is happening with the new store.

Are you still going to serve beer at the new store?

Of course we are! The new North Bend shop will have our "Service Bar" and will be stocked with our favorite brews and ciders. Stay tuned for Happy Hour announcements and when the Service Bar will be fully up and running!