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Service Packages

Service Package Options

For the most comprehensive service and the best value, we recommend choosing one of our complete tune-up packages. We are committed to servicing your bike and returning it to you as quickly as possible. Learn more about our packages below or visit us today for your free estimate.

All prices are for labor only. Parts cost will be in addition to the package prices listed.

Base Tune


For the occasional rider who rides a couple of times a month, generally a leisurely cyclist. Recommended service interval: once per year minimum, possibly twice per year, depending on use. This is also a great service for a brand new bike to get it fully dialed to your specifications.

Services performed in this package include:

Thoroughly clean and inspect bike
Adjust and inspect front and rear derailleurs
Lubricate front and rear derailleurs
Adjust and inspect front and rear brake
Lubricate all shifting and braking cables
Inspect and adjust bearings in headset, hubs, and bottom bracket (does not include overhauling of any bearings)
True and inspect wheels in truing stand (re-tensioning of wheels not included in package price)
Includes labor for installing cables and brake pads if needed

Full Bike Overhaul


The Full Bike Overhaul service is fantastic for those cyclists who ride hard all year round and want their bike feeling like new. Your Progression Cycle technician will conduct an assessment at the start of your service to ensure this package is tailored to your specific needs. Additional services could include replacement of other components or the servicing of suspension. However, you can expect with the Full Bike Overhaul service all the work from a Full Bike Tune plus:

Services performed for this package include:

Overhauling hubs (includes labor to replace bearings if needed)

Overhauling bottom bracket (includes labor to replace bearings if needed)
Overhauling headset (includes labor to replace bearings if needed)

Full Bike Tune


For the seasoned cyclist or generally a cyclist who gets out once or twice a week and rides for exhilaration and exercise. Recommended service interval, twice a year minimum for consistently high-level performance out of your bicycle. The Full Bike Tune includes all of the work done in a Base Tune plus:

Services performed in this package include:

Drivetrain cleanse.

Remove drivetrain from bike.

Soak drivetrain in parts washer and inspect for wear, and thoroughly cleaning derailleurs.

Inspect life of linkage bearings (does not include labor for replacing or overhauling bearings)

Northwest Special


The Northwest Special is a once a year special for the rider that has the chance to put 150+ hrs of riding on his or her bike every year. This package includes all of the services performed in a Base Tune plus:

Services performed for this package include:

Bleed brake systems and service calipers
Drivetrain cleanse and inspect life of drivetrain
Replace linkage bearings and inspect frame
Complete fork service (this includes dust wipers & damper rebuild)
Complete shock service (includes dust wipers & damper rebuild)
Overhaul hubs (additional labor costs for Chris King hubs)
Overhaul headset (additional labor costs for Chris King headset)
Overhaul bottom bracket (additional labor cost for Chris King bottom bracket)
Covers labor for any other parts that be installed/replaced
Complete dropper post rebuild included


All service is subject to amendment by technician after confirmation with customer.
Additional services may be added on per customer request at corresponding rate.
E-mechanism servicing may incur additional charge.

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Contact us with questions to tailor these packages to your specific needs.