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The Progression Cycle Suspension Center

The suspension on your bike is one of the most important and most expensive components on the bike. If it is not tuned, setup, or not working as it should be due to lack of service, what’s the point in having it? Let us help you make sure you're getting the highest performance out of your bike by having your suspension serviced by the Progression Cycle Suspension Center. 

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More about our Suspension Center

Suspension systems on a bike have gotten pretty complex these days, and it doesn’t take much for one of the many small parts in your fork or shock to decrease the performance that you should be receiving in your bike.  Our highly skilled mechanics are well versed in servicing RockShox, Fox Racing Shox, MRP, as well as the hot aftermarket parts manufacturers in the suspension world, like Vorsprung and Push.  These manufacturers have recommended service intervals for their products and have made these recommendations based off of 1) how they build their systems, and 2) what the threshold is for the internal wearable parts and seals are. We fully support these recommendations to make sure your bike is optimized and supporting maximum performance.

The average amount of time for any suspension unit or dropper to be serviced by a manufacturer, the estimated turn around time from start to finish is 2-5 weeks from start to finish including shipping.  But when you partner with Progression Cycle to provide these services for you, you can expect a 4-day standard turn around. Of course, we should probably insert some disclaimer in here about how this is for standard shock service, and some other situations could be a longer turn around depending on if there are special parts needed to complete your service.

Additionally, when you partner with Progression Cycle for these services you should know that:

  • We support our technicians to invest their time learning and staying up to date on all suspension technologies, systems, and procedures. Our finished service product reflects this investment in our team. 
  • We also invest heavily in having the correct and new age tooling allowing us to give you the top notch and the most consistent service possible. 
  • We are also riders ourselves, and we ride these products. You can always find at least one of our employees on a PUSH 11.6 or a coil converted fork.
  • We can make suggestions during your suspension service on setup, whether it be to 1) adjust the air pressure and volume spacers or 2) add an aftermarket part to acquire higher performance on your fork or shock.


All service is subject to amendment by technician after confirmation with customer.
Additional services may be added on per customer request at corresponding rate.
E-mechanism servicing may incur additional charge.

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