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Click on any of the appointment types below to book your service appointment. Before you do, please be aware of the following items:

  • The dates for appointments, while they seem limited, are structured this way for a reason. You are selecting and booking a drop off appointment date.
  • Once you drop off your bike at your scheduled appointment time, the mechanic will review your bike and confirm the services booked.
  • Your bike is guaranteed to be completed and ready for you to pick up 2 full shop business days later. Confusing? We don't mean to be. Here is an example of how this would play out in real life: Customer books appointment for a Tuesday drop off. Customer brings bike in on Tuesday and leaves it with us. The 1st full shop day is Wednesday, the 2nd full shop day Thursday, and on Friday the bike will be ready to pick up. See, that wasn't so hard, right?
  • One more thing - if the drop off dates available on the calendar don't work for you, that is totally ok. You can go ahead and book the next available one and we will happily take your bike before your appointment date and get it back to you 2 full shop days after your appointment.

Ready to book? Go for it below - and if you still have questions feel free to give us a ring (425-698-3360) or email us at