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Ride Before You Buy

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Yeti Cycles - A Devotion to Building and Riding Bikes

Progression Cycle could not be more stoked to offer you these Yeti demo bikes in store and available now.

These high quality, American crafted frames are made by meticulous riders and engineers in Golden, CO where attention to detail, and getting it right, is of the utmost importance. Hit us up below, and schedule your demo today to see how these amazing shredding machines handle with you at the helm.

SB130 by Yeti Cycles


One bike can't rule them all, but the SB130 is one bike that rules. Conceived on rowdy Colorado trails and fed a steady diet of technical climbing and high-speed descents, this bike crushes big terrain. We're not suggesting you only need one bike, but if you did, this should be on your short list. 

SB140 by Yeti Cycles


Try it. Land It. Or just stay at it. Happy to pedal. Greedy for more. The mayor of jibtown, proudly wearing the tip crown. The SB140. Down to fun. 

Technology is only valuable when how it works is invisible to the rider. But its benefits are felt loud and clear every time they ride. The SB140 is the world's finest rip bike.

SB150 by Yeti Cycles


Throw a leg over the all-new SB150, and you will find it rides strikingly similar to nothing. It is difficult to put into a category. Some say it is too slack, too low, too, long, too different. But riders quickly become accustomed to their newfound capability on the SB150.

SB165 by Yeti Cycles


Master of the gnarniverse. Bold claim for some. Fact-checked humility for the SB165. At home outside the tape, beyond the norm. Taken on the trails nobody talks about. Trusted on the lines where mistakes can't  happen. Comfortable with all the chaos. Pleased when you're puckered. Fearless of your fear.  The SB165 is the bike you ride when you see lines others don't have the skills to see.

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